Based in Mohandessin since its establishment in 2007, Al Kahila Art Gallery has been playing a pivotal role in building the Egyptian Art scene for over a decade. The gallery’s aim has always been to inspire Art lovers all over the world and show magnificent artworks that can touch everyone’s lives, souls and hearts. Al Kahila strongly believes in the power of art and the role it plays in the community, the society as well as education across all generations. Art is the unspoken words, the unexpressed emotion, the untold pain, the unseen beauty and the unlimited joy.


Al Mashrabia Gallery was founded in 1981 by Dr. Said Emira (professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts) and Mrs. Magda Emira. It was initially launched as a showroom encompassing the finest elements of Islamic Art. Since the beginning of its establishment, Al Mashrabia’s goal was to preserve the legacy and heritage of Islamic Art and apply it to the modern everyday life. Possessing the will and determination to motivate young artists, in 1990, Al Mashrabia Gallery announced the opening of its new extension for Art exhibitions. The new extension became a channel to display paintings, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, and photography for more than 100 famed and emerging Egyptian, Arab, and foreign artists. The gallery unveils a wide variety of abstract, contemporary, modern and classic art. With a spacious and elegant exhibiting area, Al Mashrabia Gallery hosts ongoing monthly exhibitions for influential and uprising artists and strives to encourage and highlight artists from Egypt and the Arab region. Al Mashrabiya Gallery continues to be a crossroad that impacts anyone who crosses its path.


Arcade Gallery was established to promote different contemporary art disciplines and value adding cultural projects, offering its small but cozy place for temporary exhibitions. Also, to allow the encounter of different energies and visions of different artists by presenting them to the public with the purpose of participating in the development of the society.
Arcade art gallery is located in Maadi in a beautiful villa with an artistic nature; the villa also hosts an art center (Place Des Arts), a music store (Flex Music Store), a coffee shop (Al QahwaKhan) as well as the office of the well-known Islamic architect Dr. Omar El Farouk (Arcade), from which the name of the gallery was derived, matching with the beautiful design of the villa and its arcs. The gallery exhibits various art disciplines such as painting, sculpture, photography and installation, promoting contemporary ways of expression of emerging artists as well as established ones. The gallery schedules contemporary art exhibitions around the year for the duration of a month each and an exhibition for pioneer’s works dedicated to art collectors once per year. Arcade presents in parallel other activities such as talks with artists to explain and get deeper understanding of their artwork, their views regarding art, their interaction with the social scene as well as sharing their own experiences through their career with the audience.


Artmejo is a platform that promotes art and culture in the Arab world through their online presence. The gallery shares, discusses and covers events, lectures as well as exhibitions taking place in the local Jordanian art scene. Their work focuses on providing art consultation and curation services to businesses, galleries and individuals. Artmejo’s team consults on projects ranging from book publications and organizing campaigns for social change through visual art to hosting events, competitions and art symposiums around the Kingdom. The gallery hosts various activities suitable for kids and adults such as art and crafts workshops as well as tours around galleries in the city, offering insight into the local art scene.
Artmejo’s mission is to educate, inform and create a dialogue about the contemporary and modern Arab art world and its history; to connect people with their own culture as well as with the wider world. The gallery’s resources are bilingual, focused on creating prime audio-visual material in Arabic. Artmejo provides free, approachable content for people from all backgrounds and ages who are interested in learning more about the effects of art on societies, policies and economies.


Established in 2017, Azad is located in the heart of zamalek and is dedicated to all forms of fine and visual arts. The gallery exists to exhibit, interpret, preserve and promote the visual, artistic and cultural heritage of established and emerging Egyptian artists. It aims at promoting and engaging both national and international viewers on visual arts created by local and international artists. Azad’s mission is to create a novel art platform by bringing together both emerging and established artists. The gallery’s art programs range from curative and abstract painting to photography, sculpture and installations. It collaborates with artists, organizations, art lovers, art collectors as well as the community to encourage the creation, appreciation and the understanding of art. Azad seeks nurturing a vibrant artistic community, fostering artistic excellence as well as bringing people together with powerful, shared experiences that inspire a creative exchange of ideas. The gallery’s vision is to be a regionally present contemporary art gallery that represents artists on the international level and one that creates international partnerships as well as exchanges.


Diwaniya Art Gallery is a self-founded Gallery that first opened its doors to the public in February 2020 and is located in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria. Having the advantage of being located in North Africa along with its access to the Mediterranean Sea reinforced its openness to the continents: Africa, Europe and Asia. The gallery’s aim is to showcase Contemporary Arab and Islamic art to a wide scale of audience by providing an innovative program to both established and emerging artists on local, regional and international levels. It operates as a springboard for young artists to launch their career and is a platform that offers opportunities to showcase, network as well as exchange artwork and talks on Oriental and Islamic Art from across the MENA region to the rest of the world. Our Vision is to grow a creative community in an off boarder shared space full of art craft, inspirational debates and organized talks. As the historical role of a Diwaniya used to be the hub of diverse interaction, the gallery stands for contributing in promoting the vibrant Arabic and Islamic Art to the west. A rich historical and cultural patrimonial will be the icebreaker of stereotypes between the East and the West, Diwaniya is a conversion player, with the aim to be the primary promotor of Arabic and Islamic Art to the rest of the globe. Our Mission is to build a multinational home for the sake of representing one identity (Arab Islamic Art) because our differences make us stronger. Works are promoted to the general public in order to expand the culture of art gallery visits in the region as well as to introduce it to the commercial art world.


Easel and Camera is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2008 and currently located in Dreamland Golf Club. It is dedicated to promote aspiring, emerging and internationally established artists and to expose their artworks to art lovers and collectors. The mission of the gallery is to promote the appreciation of visual arts by presenting high-quality, diverse and changing exhibitions of contemporary practices which support our mission to nurture the love of art.


Founded in 2006, Fann A Porter is a contemporary art gallery that represents a diverse selection of emerging international and regional artists, with locations in Dubai, UAE and Amman, Jordan. The gallery aims to nurture the burgeoning and dynamic contemporary art scene through quality exhibitions, non-profit events, auctions, and an active community program. The gallery’s exhibition program includes eight curated exhibitions a year, and features artists working across diverse media. Fann A Porter has established a series of dialogues and collaborations with curators, writers, museums, governmental entities, and institutions to affirm its commitment to support the long-term development of young contemporary artists from the Middle East. In 2015, the gallery organized a charity auction Artists for the Kids of Syria under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahyran, UAE Minister of Culture and in collaboration with the UAE Red Cresent. The charity auction helped raise over AED 500,000 to help the children in the refugee camps in Jordan. In 2019, the gallery launched Art for All Collective (AFA) to provide a platform to make quality art accessible through bespoke payment plans, a first of its kind initiative for the Middle East. By hosting a regular public programming including exhibitions, talks, non-profit initiatives, and by participating in fairs, Fann A Porter has established itself in forefront of the region’s exciting arts landscape. The Dubai gallery is based at The Workshop, a unique inter-disciplinary community space consisting of a cafe, art gallery, sustainable store and design space, providing visitors with a diversified artistic and cultural experience. Bathed in natural sunlight with its garden, The Workshop is located in the heart of Jumeirah in Dubai. Fann A Porter Amman is located at Manara Arts & Culture, a creative hub and social space in the heart of Jabal Al Lweibdeh.


Gallery Misr is a Modern and Contemporary Art gallery that opened to the public in 2011. The gallery is dedicated to promoting Egyptian art both locally and internationally through its local exhibitions, art fairs as well as international collaborations with other galleries, museums and art foundations. Gallery Misr was founded and is directed by Artist Mohammed Talaat, former Director of Palace of Arts in Cairo Opera House, one of the most prominent art platforms in Egypt where artists exhibit at. Talaat has carefully witnessed the art movement from 2000 to 2011 and curated many important art events such as What’s Happening Now in Cairo (2007) and Spain (2009), Why Not (2009), Undercurrent Art Sawa Dubai (2010) and Human Body (2010). Gallery Misr is located in the art hub of Egypt (Zamalek), a neighborhood full of art spaces and galleries.


Considering art as a sea in its depths, one to dive into its details and inner beauty, George Kamel Gallery was established in 2008. It focuses on presenting various types of artworks collected from different places and created by the most prominent artists. It adopts various Syrian artists and gives them adequate support.
George Kamel Gallery organizes exhibitions for all pioneering Syrian experience to fulfill the desire of shedding light on the Syrian fine art movement. The gallery contributes in promoting contemporary Syrian art and involving it with the all sorts of Arab art. George Kamel Gallery strives to be a main source of art as it follows the most prominent cultural exhibitions. In addition to preparing and qualifying the appropriate atmosphere to show creativity in all its de-tails, the gallery also aspires to serve its pioneers by being a bridge which links them to all of the Arab world.


Jacaranda Images is a gallery dedicated to showcasing original art prints and works on paper. Screen prints, etchings, lithographs, photographs and digital works are collected from around the globe and are shown in a continuously changing environment.
The gallery first launched in July 2007 and continued to be the only gallery of its kind in Jordan focusing on art on paper. In addition to the permanent collection of works, Jacaranda Images holds showcases and exhibitions on a regular basis. The gallery also stocks a comprehensive range of unique stationery, paper products and beautifully designed gift items with a focus on artistic integrity, design excellence as well as Jordanian talents. The selection of work is suitable for those looking for affordable art pieces for their home or corporate environment. The gallery’s aim is to provide sustainable income for their artists, support local talent as well as provide afforda- ble art options for clients.


Since its inception in 2018, Jodar Artistry has been a home for creative minds, artists and aestheticians from all walks of life. The idea of Jodar embarked out of necessity; it came to life as a reflection of the founder’s belief that Arab artists possess a powerful tool that can dismantle social boundaries. It is at the core of the entwined missions of Jodar to bridge the gap between artists; local, regional, prominent and emerging, and to foster Arab artists and international audience in one cultural hub. The Gallery aims at making the art-buying process as simple, affordable and enjoyable as possible. Ambitiously, Jodar looks toward playing a pivotal role in drawing international attention towards Arab Art. Supporting emerging artists and nurturing new talents has been at the heart of Jodar Artistry’s mission since the very beginning. Recognizing and strongly believing in the importance of supporting young creatives bursting with new ideas in getting a well-deserved debut in the art scene. Embracing the work of tens of rising-to-stardom artists, Jodar pledged themselves to empowering emerging artists at the start of their careers, brimming with dynamism, innovation and enthusiasm. Jodar provides a contemporary voice for arts in Amman through diverse artist-curated exhibitions. It empowers local and regional artists, showcases their work either in group or solo exhibitions, hosts talks, pop-ups, workshops, multileveled art classes and community events. Additionally, Jodar actively participates in international fairs and exhibitions and collaborates with public museums, public and private entities, foundations as well as embassies.


Medrar for Contemporary Art is a non-profit art space based in Cairo, Egypt, which sets the stage for artists seeking to have extensive conversations and collaborations with their peers to embrace their purpose as active contemporary artists and create a more dynamic and inspired movement. By tapping into this existing collective intelligence, Medrar encourages cooperation over competition among artists, locally and internationally, as well as between institutions, critics and technologists to engage and experiment in this rich playground of media arts. Started as a collective in 2005, Medrar has since been playing a fundamental role as an artistic hub and cultural incubator for emerging and established artists by establishing programs that promote experimental arts. Alongside diverse independent events taking place every year, such as exhibitions, workshops and artist talks, Medrar is concerned with hosting and constantly developing five key projects; The Cairo Video Festival sheds light on diverse international experiments with the moving image; Roznama visual arts Competition and Exhibition provides young artists with opportunities to gain exposure and develop their career; Roznama Studio Program offers an alternative art education program; Medrar TV documents Arab experimental art activities and events; and Medrar’s Media Lab organizes educational workshops and cooperative projects to promote the integration of digital techniques and artistic practices.


Nout is considered the Goddess of heaven and one of the oldest Egyptian deities whose body the world rests under. She was the wife of the God Geb and had four children in heaven and earth, making up the fourth generation, and they are, respectively, “Osiris” “Isis” and “Nephthys”. Often Nout is depicted as a human figure, and sometimes as a cow or a tree, and some of her titles are “Covering the Heavens”, “Those that protect”, “Who bore all the Gods”, and “That who carries a thousand souls.” The late sculptor Murad Fakhruddin was inspired by the name of the great Egyptian goddess which inspired the name Gallery Nout and considered her the mother of arts. He started with the idea of Nout Art Zone, an establishment of an individual institution that aims at supporting young and talented artists, and the establishment of workshops and private and group exhibitions. The gallery also helps young artists by presenting them in joint group exhibitions. The most important event and joint exhibition comes in the year of the Egyptian-French cultural exchange and the establishment of the Travelers Exhibition (seekers) and (les voyageurs) in 2019 which was met with unprecedented success. Nout is still introducing all that is new and distinctive without looking at the market’s need, aiming at highlighting the most important art that requires more attention and light.


Picasso East Art Gallery is the first art gallery in the fifth settlement as well as New Cairo and is the biggest showroom area in Egypt. The gallery maintains a diverse exhibition program of solo exhibitions of both famous and contemporary artists as well as group exhibitions and special projects. The gallery also acts as a collective hub in a distinctive combination of painting, drawing, sculpture, handmade silver ornaments, frames and porcelain works besides hosting painting and sculpting events.


Dina Dabbas Rifai has been an art collector for the past twenty-eight years; she ventured into art consultancy and art curation eleven years ago and established The Artinerary back in 2016. She’s currently the director and chief curator of The Corner Art Space as well as the co-owner of the FAD.
With a strong passion towards promoting regional artists, The Artinerary has developed a niche in Contemporary Arab Art. Throughout her years as Editor-in- Chief of Living Well Magazine, Director of Review: Amman Art and Culture Magazine as well as Ambassador of Contemporary Art in Istanbul and Jordan, Dina was able to establish close contacts with many of the region’s established artists, collectors, galleries, art foundations, and young and upcoming talents. The Artinerary’s artworks range from works by well-established names in Arab Art to young artists and everything in-between. The gallery’s art travel blog established a connection to international galleries, art and artists through Dina’s extensive travel to various global art fairs.

Egypt International Art Fair 3rd Edition

4-8 February 2022