Azad Art Gallery


Azad is located in the heart of Zamalek and is dedicated to all forms of fine and visual arts. The gallery exists to exhibit, interpret, preserve and promote the visual, artistic and cultural heritage of established and emerging Egyptian artists. It aims at promoting and engaging both national and international viewers on visual arts created by local and international artists.
Azad’s mission is to create a novel art platform by bringing together both emerging and established artists. The gallery’s art programs range from gurative and abstract painting to photography, sculpture and installations. It collaborates with artists, organizations, art lovers, art collectors as well as the community to encourage the creation, appreciation and the understanding of art. Azad seeks nurturing a vibrant artistic community, fostering artistic excellence as well as bringing people together with powerful, shared experiences that inspire a creative exchange of ideas.
The gallery’s vision is to be a regionally present contemporary art gallery that represents artists on the international level and one that creates international partnerships as well as exchanges.