Ahmed Gaafary


Ahmed was born in Cairo and currently lives and works there. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from the Higher Institute Of Advanced Studies (2008) and another from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department at Helwan University (2007). After graduating as an Information System Engineer, Ahmed decided to switch from being an engineer to being an independent visual artist.
As an artist, Ahmed has participated in many solo and group exhibitions including “Prelude” exhibition at Safar Khan Gallery (Egypt, 2020), “No Signal” exhibition at Al-Bab Gallery, Museum of Egyptian Modern Art (Egypt, 2020) and “Nabokov Signs” exhibition at Etejah Gallery, Palace Of Arts (Egypt 2016). He also participated in TRIO Biennale (Brazil, 2018) and The Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s International Biennale for the Artist’s Book (Egypt, 2016). Alongside his list of exhibitions, one of Ahmed’s short films “In Nothing” was screened in Oslo, Norway.
Ahmed has sold some paintings of his at Christie’s Auctions in London and Dubai. He was the Executive Commissar of the 59th edition of Cairo Salon as well as the Commissar for the 61st Young Artists Competition that was held at the Fine Arts Society.