Ahmed Nabil Soliman

Egypt, 1937

Ahmed Nabil was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1937. He graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department in 1960 and was given the Scholarship of Creation by the Ministry of Culture in Egypt in 1968. The artist also holds two Diplomas in Painting and Mural Painting from Académie Michelangelo in Florence, Italy (1974, 1975). Aside from being an artist, Ahmed has been an art professor for more than 30 years and gave lectures at several universities including The American University, The Marine Academy, and Luxor University.
He has been a participant of the Egyptian artistic movement since 1960 and his work can be found exhibited at a number of museums as well as private collections in Egypt, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, the United States, Russia, Brazil, and several Arab countries. Others of his artworks are displayed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian Parliament, Museum of Modern Art, the Opera House and Denshway Museum.
Throughout his years as an artist, Ahmed has held and participated in over 70 painting and mural exhibitions in Egypt, Franc, Italy, Chile, the US, as well as other countries. His first private exhibition was held at Akhnaton Hall (1968) and his most recent at Ebdaa Art Gallery in 2021. Ahmed is a member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists, Cairo Atelier, El-Ghoury Artists Association, and the Fine Arts Graduates Union. Internationally, he’s a member of the International Association of contemporary Mosaic AIMC in Ravenna, Italy. In 2021, Ahmed published a book containing all his artworks including ones from 1960.