Ahmed Osman

Egypt, 1985

Ahmed Osman is a contemporary Egyptian artist and an interior architect. Ahmed was born in 1985 in Cairo and has a Bachelor of Applied Arts.
His experiences always intertwine with different methods of processing raw material into abstract works of art, symbolizing direct life observations, color groups, symbols as well as formations, which is the result of the enormous influence of cultural heritage and color saturation that we carry from our past as well as established civilization.
Ahmed has always believed that an artist is constantly seeking and looking for the connection or the relation that reveals what lies within a person when receiving art. Abstract Art, in Ahmed’s words, is the expression of a person through a direct contact with life.
Ahmed has participated in several artistic events and forums. Some of them include: Youth Salon (2012, 2014-2016), Alexandria International Salon (2013-2014), and most recently the first session of Farouk Hosny Cultural Foundation (2020). His works were exhibited in many local exhibitions including AgendaExhibition in 2020, various group exhibitions at The Arts-Mart Gallery as well as Cairo Art Fair for 5 years. Ahmed was also given the Commercial International Bank Acquisition Award in 2014.