Akil Ahmed

Syria, 1988

Akil was born in 1988 in Syria, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Aleppo, and currently lives in Beirut, Lebanon. His passion for Arabic calligraphy began at a young age and still thrives until this day. He has been developing his skills through philosophical and intellectual means related to the Arabic alphabet as well as the Islamic culture.
Akil is constantly searching for an optical, modern representation for the Arabic alphabet. His artworks are based on Arabic musical ‘Maqams’ where he converts patterns in audio forms into optical ones. Whenever he hears a voice inside of him, Akil tries to hold all these moments of ecstasy to later on convert them into an optical language in the shape of letters and words.
He has held several solo exhibitions including a solo Interactive exhibition at the Arabic and German Poetry Festival at The Arabic library (2019) among others at Dar Al Funoon Gallery (Kuwait, 2018), Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture (Beirut, 2018), Souk A-Dahab Gallery (Lebanon, 2016), and City Theatre, Nuha al-Radi Hall (Beirut, 2015). His latest exhibition was held last year at Dar Al Funoon Gallery in Kuwait. Alongside his list of solo exhibitions, Akil also participated in group exhibitions in Dubai (2021), Saudi Arabia (2019), London (2019), Lebanon (2018), Bahrain (2014) as well as Syria (2014).
Several of Akil’s artworks can be found in private collections in Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, USA, Austria, Germany, Britain, and Ireland. In 2016 he was given the Fifth Prize Award by Global Burda, following the First Prize Award in Global Burda’s 15th Round in 2018.