Ali Amr

Ukraine, 1976

Ali was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1976. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Amman University and a diploma from the Institute of Arts in Amman, he joined the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev / Ukraine to start a journey of academic study and true professionalism in visual art. He later pursued his studies in art at the University of Jordan and obtained another bachelor’s degree in 2006. He worked as a lecturer at the University of Jordan and an art consultant to the 1001 Inventions Foundation.
Ali held 5 solo exhibitions in Amman and participated in numerous symposiums and group art exhibitions in Jordan, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Qatar, Belarus, Poland and Lebanon. He won several prizes including the first prize for “Jamal Badran” prize in 2014, the first prize for the fourth competition for creativity in 2004 and the first prize for the best children’s book drawings from “Analind” organization in 2009.
Some of the international museums where his works can be found at are Kathie Kollwitz Museum, Berlin, Germany (Acquired in 2005), Ackland Art Museum, North Carolina, US (Acquired in 2005), Museum of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, US (Acquired in 2005) as well as the National Museum of Montenegro, Montenegro (Acquired in 2013).