Ali Said


Ali graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University in 2002, and currently works as museum manager at the Museum of Fine Arts as well as general supervisor at the Arts Center of Alexandria. Ali has been a participant in the Egyptian Contemporary Art Movement ever since 2000, held 5 solo exhibitions, and has participated in over 150 exhibitions along the years in both Egypt and Italy. Some of the exhibitions are The Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Rome (2004) and The Euro-Mediterranean Exhibition in Italy (2008). He also took part in numerous workshops and art forums both locally and internationally.
Ali was given many awards and certificates of appreciation, among them are the Award of “Alexandria Atelier” in photography and two “Salon El-Shabab” Awards. A collection of his works is displayed at the Ministry of Culture and some are owned by individuals both inside and outside Egypt. Ali’s works and name have been mentioned in more than one encyclopedia. He also has several published researches and articles.