Aliaa El Gready

Egypt, 1968

Aliaa El Gready is a visual artist who was born in Egypt in 1968. Her work varies from installation to video installation, painting and jewelry. Aliaa’s work tries, in a way, to open a space for rethinking the inputs as well as the postulates that create contemporary relations between human beings.
She has been practicing and working on using art as an introduction to social transformation since 1998. In 2013, Aliaa co-founded Gudran Association for Art and Development, an institution that mainly focuses on empowering women of marginalized communities by promoting their skills and activating their creative participation. In 1997, Aliaa earned a scholarship to the Egyptian Academy in Rome.
As an artist, Aliaa has held several exhibitions and participated in multiple performances and art events both locally and internationally in Egypt, Cameroon, Senegal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden as well as Austria. In 2007, Aliaa was invited to deliver a speech at the 52th Edition of the Venice Biennale. Throughout her artistic career, Aliaa was given several awards including an award for one of her installations at the 5th Cairo Biennale back in 1995 and the Prize of the Library of Alexandria in 2007.