Al Mashrabia Gallery was founded in 1981 by Dr. Said Emira (professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts) and Mrs. Magda Emira. It was initially launched as a showroom encompassing the finest elements of Islamic Art. Since the beginning of its establishment, Al Mashrabia’s goal was to preserve the legacy and heritage of Islamic Art and apply it to the modern everyday life. Possessing the will and determination to motivate young artists, in 1990, Al Mashrabia Gallery announced the opening of its new extension for Art exhibitions. The new extension became a channel to display paintings, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, and photography for more than 100 famed and emerging Egyptian, Arab, and foreign artists.
The gallery unveils a wide variety of abstract, contemporary, modern and classic art. With a spacious and elegant exhibiting area, Al Mashrabia Gallery hosts ongoing monthly exhibitions for influential and uprising artists and strives to encourage and highlight artists from Egypt and the Arab region.
Al Mashrabiya Gallery continues to be a crossroad that impacts anyone who crosses its path.