Amina Salem

Egypt, 1981

Amina was born in 1981 and currently lives in Cairo and works as a full-time painter. Her work presents women as a main subject by using various compositions to create scenes from the past and present in order to represent independent contemporary women. She paints with oil colors and uses collages, decoupage and objects to create a unique signature for each of her many series. 
Amina’s passion for painting bloomed at a very young age, which led her to attend the school of Fine Arts in Cairo before pursuing a BA in Mass Communication in 2004. She was taught by the late Magd El Sagini and developed a finer understanding of artistic drawing and painting. Paintings and portraits by Amina are evidences of her admiration of the human form, mainly of women, which is expressed through her use of realism and painterly styles. Her art reflects beauty, positivity as well as femininity by featuring women in different forms where she can portray their beauty, fragility and their ability to endure the toughest conditions in life.

Amina contributed to various group exhibitions including ones at Art Kahila Gallery (2016), Cairo Art Fair (2017), Opera House Gallery (2018), Nwthouse Gallery (2019) and Art D’Egypte (2019). Amina also held several solo exhibitions at Picasso Art Gallery including Impressions (2014), Eve (2015), Freedom (2016), Vintage (2018) and Il Torso (2020). Private collections of Amina’s can be found in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the United States as well as The Museum of Sulaiman Alawadhi in Kuwait.