Attyat Sayed


Attyat Sayed does not begin a painting with the final image of the piece previously formed in her mind’s eye; she slowly makes her way into discovering every detail, making use of the cues that have been materialized by altering, replacing, adding or deleting elements to capture the connotations that would lead to an unexpected art piece.
The artist’s start point revolves around subjects of ordinary character resting on heavy compact compositions with a daring performance. She is masterful when it comes to line drawing, etching, and applying black and white techniques, owing to her long experience as a press-illustrator.
Attyat paints at a non-stop daily pace, a continuity that necessitates a psychic and physique stress, transforming her anxiety into tangible visual scenes. This creates a new venture for the artists with every new painting of her, which, over time, became a deep-seated custom, opposing any occasional or temporal performance. Attyat’s creative practice was shaped by long-extended anxiety and tension which by time became a second nature to her.