Bahaa Amer

Egypt, 1977

Born in 1977 in Cairo, Bahaa Aamer obtained a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Helwan University (2005) and a master’s degree in Restoration Painting from Cairo University (2010). He also received a diploma in Art Criticism from the Academy of Arts in Cairo.
Bahaa actively contributes to the cultural and artistic scenes of his hometown; he is the founder and manager of B. Art Gallery and the director of Ebdaa Palace (an art center affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Culture). He has worked as an instructor of conservation works at the American Research Center in Egypt and on conservation projects for archaeological sites including Isis Temple in Luxor. He also supervises and coordinates the artistic programs and workshops at the annual Abu Dhabi Book Fair.
The artist’s work explores the place of the human being in a society of perpetual motion building a bridge between the legends and beliefs from the past and today’s issues. Recalling mural paintings in his oeuvre, he animates the characters as well as the elements of nature in a fantasist way; taking his viewers into a surrealist and abstract world of his own. Aamer currently lives and works in Cairo.