Bassem Dahdouh

Syria, 1964

Bassem Dahdouh was born in Damascus, Syria in 1964. He received a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Damascus University (1986), completed a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Helwan University (1995) and a Ph.D. from Helwan University (1997).
Dahdouh is a member of the Syrian Art Union and a teacher at the Faculty of Fine Art in Damascus, Syria. He is an artist who penetrates colors and manipulates their contradictions. He has worked too long on human bodies as well as silent nature, transforming bodies into endless varieties of color contrasts and compatibilities.
During his earlier years, Dahdouh has focused on abstraction, expressively painting still lives on canvases. Using flattened surfaces and perspectives, his still lives showcase his brushwork and his use of subtle colors. When the Syrian war broke out, Dahdouh felt compelled to change his artwork to reflect the human suffering that surrounds him, which later on stirred him into painting still figures in his own abstract style.
He has participated in a set of shared Art Fairs in many cities and countries including Damascus, Latakia, Jordan, Tunisia, Cairo, Alexandria, Kuwait, Dubai, Turkey, Bulgaria, Paris, Iran, Switzerland, London, Spain, Canada and Italy. He also held 13 solo exhibitions in different countries around the world and represented Syria Arab Republic at Venice Biennale back in 2007. Dahdouh recently participated in an art workshop that was hosted by George Kamel Gallery earlier in 2021.