Besher Koushaji

Syria, 1983

Besher Koushaji was born in 1983 in Hama, Syria and has been a powerful force to the international art circuit for over a decade. He combines fine arts and graphic design, two seemingly contradictory disciplines, to produce mesmerizing pieces. By breaking his images into lines and sections, he creates intricately layered distortions of his original subjects.
Each artwork enriches his canvases with both light and darkness, positive and negative forces that permeate all existence. His capacity to combine contemporary and fresh expressions with classical Arabic calligraphy results in an unmatched depth and complexity. Besher intertwines Damascene architectural images as well as bright, sunny palettes to create intricate yet effortless pieces. While his initial work focuses on the shapes of Syrian buildings, he has, over time, transitioned to infusing his paintings with portraits of the precious people whom he left behind.