ElDessouki Fahmi

Egypt, 1938

Dasuki Fahmi was born in 1938 in Menoufia. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Photography Department in Cairo (1963) and received a diploma in postgraduate studies in Egyptian Archaeology from the University of Cairo (1973). Dasuki is a founding member of the Fine Artists Syndicate and the Writers Guild. He took part in the “National Gallery” and “Small Pieces” exhibitions in their different sessions and also participated in several other exhibitions including ones at Khan Al Maghraby Art Gallery (2000, 2004) and Picasso Hall (2004).
Though he never studied translation, Dasuki has always been passionate about translation and practiced it his whole life, leading him to publish a large number of translated poems and stories in “Al Masaa” newspaper and on “Al Barnamaj Al Thani” radio station. He translated “America” by Franz Kafka which was also published in “Al Masaa” newspaper along with his illustrations (1970.) Chapters from his translated version of “Laocoon” by the German author Gotthold Ephraim Lessing were also published in the same newspaper.
He worked as the General Supervisor of archaeological drawings in the Egyptian Antiquities Organization but resigned in 1993 to devote his time to photography and writing. His short stories were published in “Al Masaa” newspaper and its literary supplements: “Al Hilal”, “Al Kateb”, “Sabah al Khayr”, “Gallery 68”, and “Sanabel” magazines as well as many others. Most notably are “Al Makbara Tahit Al Maskin” (1959), “Al Hilal” magazine (1977), “Bar Al Ezla, “Sanabel” (1969), “Al Jilbab Al Abyad”, “Gallery 68” (1961), “Soukout Kalaat Al Khayal” among many others.