Fadi Haddadin

Jordan, 1989

Fadi Haddadin was born in Amman, Jordan in 1989. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of Jordan (2012) and has been working as a full time artist ever since graduating from university. In 2016, Fadi was awarded the Jamal Badran Award for Arts in 2016.
Throughout the years, Fadi has held several solo exhibitions including ones titled “Invisible” at Nabad Art Gallery (2017), “Kirmizi Yaz” at Kelimat Art Gallery (Istanbul,  2019), “Beyond Colour” at Jacaranda Images (Amman, 2019) and most recently, “Visual Instinct” at Katara Art Center (Doha, 2019). He also participated in group exhibitions and workshops both inside and outside Jordan.
The artist’s style focuses on expressing emotions to the extreme, dissolving the differences between lines, colors, human feelings and emotions, simply portraying human feelings through colors. Fadi Haddadin is considered to be among the new generation of modern Jordanian artist; he is an artist who will always seek nourishing the artistic movement in Jordan starting from academic photography all the way to abstraction and contemporary art.