Ghassan Abulaban

Jordan, 1964

Ghassan was born in Bethlehem, Jordan. He holds a BFA in Painting & Drawing from Yarmouk University, Jordan (1988) and currently works as a teacher of Drawing and Painting at the University of Jordan. Ghassan is a Member of Jordan Plastic Art Association as well as Jordan Writers Association. He was given the 1st prize in Don Quijote’s Painting Contest, Cervantes Institute Jordan (1999), the 2nd prize in Lurca’s Centenary Contest, Cervantes Institute (1998) and the 1st prize in Youth Arts Painting Contest, Spanish Cultural Center, Jordan (1988).
He has held various solo exhibitions including One – Man Exhibitions at Orient Gallery, Amman (2007-2017), Identity at Foresight Gallery, Amman (2005), Dialogue, at Orfali Gallery, Amman (2004), Someone/Somewhere at Mark Gallery, Boston (2002), Portrait Conversations at Attleboro Museum Center for the Arts,USA (2001) among other places in Amman, Jordon including The French Cultural Centre (1999), The Spanish Cultural Centre (1996), Phoenix Gallery (1994 and 1992), Royal Cultural Centre (1993 and 1991), Plastic Art Association Gallery (1990) as well as Petra Gallery (1989).  
Ghassan has also participated in various group exhibitions at different galleries across Amman including Amman Cairo Bank Gallery (2018), Artizana Gallery (2018), Orient Gallery (2017), College of Arts and Design Gallery (2017), Jalaad Museum (2017) and Orfali Gallery (2013-2011). His works were shown at Mark Gallery, Cambridge (2002), Attleboro Museum, MA (2002), Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta (2001) and Ann Irving Gallery, Atlanta (2001). Private collections of Ghassan’s can be find in the United States, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Moraco, Egypt, Syria and Jordan.