Ghylan Safadi

Syria, 1977

Contemporary artist Ghylan Safadi is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University. His works focus on the cartoon imagery in order to produce sketch-like social vignettes. The compositions are teeming with diverse figures, each playing a role in narrating these disquieting scenes.
Whether his artworks touch upon social, political, environmental or even personal issues, they each tell a story and unveil an uneasy truth about the troubled climate of today’s world. He has held several solo exhibitions in his hometown as well as in Beirut, Lebanon. Ghylan also participated in numerous collective exhibitions, both locally and internationally, in London, Paris, Berlin, Washington, Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, and Tokyo, including ones at the Royal Center in London and the Arab World Institute (IMA) in Paris. His works are housed in private collections across Damascus, Beirut, Paris, London, Dubai as well as the United States.