Hakim Al Akel

Yemen, 1965

Hakim is a painter and critic who was born in 1965 in Republic of Yemen. Hakim holds a Master of Arts in Murals from Moscow State Academy (1994). He is a founding member of the Association of Yemeni Fine Artists (1986), an instructor of free drawing at Sana’a University (1994) and Queen Arwa University (1998-2001) as well as General Coordinator of the Sana’a International Fine Art Forum (2008-2011). Hakim was also a member of jury and arbitration committee in various competitions, festivals and exhibitions along the years.
His first solo exhibition was in Central House of Artist in Moscow (1992). Hakim has held numerous exhibitions between the years 1993 and 2018 in Yemen, Bahrain and Russia. He also participated in over 80 Arab and international exhibitions. Hakim’s works can be found in various countries and places around the world including State Museum (Ijvsk) in Republic of Udmurtia, Russia, National Museum of Taiz, Yemeni Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Information, Farhat Art Museum in Lebanon, The Jordanian Museum as well as the Ministry of Culture in China, Bahrain and Qatar. Other works of his can also be found in Italy, Beirut, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Egypt, Morocco, France, America and United Arab Emirates. 
During his career as an artist, Hakim has written several Art papers and researches that were published in Morocco, Paris, UAE, Qatar and Beijing among other countries. He also wrote many introductions for both group and solo exhibitions.