Hend Adnan


Hend received a B.A. from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department  in Cairo, Egypt. She has exhibited her work in numurous exhibitions and festivals both locally and internationally, and artworks of hers can be found in the collections of both national and international individuals. Hend treasures the ability to work freely with oil colors as well as live models.  She respects shadows in all their forms, and works on psycological moods and feelings, turning them into realistic representations and colours that bring together all the characteristics of oil colors along with an emphasis on texture. 
In the preparatory phase of her works, graphite or charcoal and sometimes pastels on colored paper are used in several sketches in order to achieve the right form and construction for her paintings. When using oil colors, they are either used in thick textured colors or in lighter shades with large brushes, and are distributed for an effect that ranges from transparent to opaque, adding or removing in an attempt to obtain various textures.
The success of any of Hend’s artworks depends on their ability to transfer the invisible impression to the viewers for them to become positive participants to each of her paintings. For Hend, her viewers interact with the impressions portrayed by her paintings. This controls the viewers’ feelings and affects their moods through the physical features of the paintings, the stable composition as well as the carefully chosen color palettes which help in condensing the psychological impressions.