Participate as a gallery

Application deadline –  novEMBER 30th, 2021

Egypt International Art Fair Egypt International Art Fair is pleased to announce its third edition, set to take place in February 2022. Aiming to establish itself as a hub for artists, designers and creative people all over the region, Egypt International Art Fair is the first fully curated art fair in the country. The third edition will welcome participation from galleries all over the region, showcasing the work of a variety of artists.

Participating galleries will exhibit their art in the Gallery Zone where individual booths offer an overview of the art scene in Egypt and beyond. Alongside this area, the Curated Zone will give viewers a carefully selected presentation of contemporary art placing Egyptian artists side by side with international artists.

A showcase of modern and collectible artists will be on display in the Private Collections, featuring work from an array of established collectors. The spotlight will be given to a single prominent artist in the Retrospective section.

The fair places great priority on supporting the local art scene and as such, has given over part of the event to emerging artists in the Incubator section.

Founded in March 2020, amid the first wave of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Egypt International Art Fair has overcome many challenges. The first edition featured works by more than 100 artists with a total participation of around 1300 artworks by 18 participating galleries from Egypt and the MENA region

The second edition, in February 2021, featured more than 20 galleries from across the region with a complimentary program of events, talks and studio events. Alongside the galleries was a curated section displaying established and prominent artists from Egypt and abroad.

Today, the fair announces the third edition, which will welcome more galleries than in previous years and an increase in the number of artists participating. Guests will also be welcomed on cultural tours of Cairo, with visits to all its prominent and historic destinations. Full programming will be announced later this year.

Who can Apply for the fair?

Eligibility to apply is limited to galleries and Art insinuations. However, individual artists can apply/participate through any gallery or art institution of their choice.

When is the event and how long is it?

The fair is a Five-days event that starts on the4 of Feb 2022 and ends on the 8 of Feb 2022.

How many visitors are expected?

Expected number of visitors according to data analysis, marketing strategy and past editions is 15,000 visitors.

Is there a selection process? Will it be curated?

Yes, there is a selection process, and it is overseen by a professional art committee. Our main criteria are based on technique, concept, message, style and novelty. 

When is the application deadline?

Application deadline is on the 30 of NOV 2021

Please note that the reviewing and selection processes take time.   An e-mail will be sent within 5-6 working days after successfully submitting your application(s) to confirm whether you’ve been selected or not.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee.

What documents do i need to submit along with my application?

Gallery bio and the bio of the artists the gallery will present and samples of their work with the statement of their art.

How to ship the artwork?

The fair team will handle the shipping from three collection hubs: Dubai, Jordan and Lebanon. The team will coordinate on this with each gallery.

What if I have to cancel?

Cancelling and money refund is only possible within 3 days of receiving the acceptance letter/e-mail. Please note that all payments are non-refundable. We always recommend participants to have their own insurances in case of any emergencies.

Do exhibitors need to attend Egypt International Art Fair?

Yes. Either to personally attend or to send a representative to represent their Gallery and the artwork, handle all the hanging and curating, dealing with collectors and sales.

Are the Art Fair Catalogues free?

Each exhibitor will be given one free catalogue. Extra catalogues will be sold at the art fair business center Catalogues are handed for free to VIP guests during the private view.

How to attend the VIP Opening and the Private view?

Each exhibitor will be given a total of 6 VIP tickets which allow the holder to attend the VIP opening day with other VIPs and public figures.

Can I invite my Art Collectors?

Yes, each exhibitor is given invitations to invite two art collectors to exclusive VIP Collectors Program.

How do visitors pay to purchase art pieces?

Visitors who would like to purchase an art piece can directly pay to the exhibitor in cash, by cheques at the business center in the location of the fair. The fair will deal then with the galleries to transfer their sales payment as they request.