Ibrahim Al-Hassoun

Syria, 1972

Ibrahim Al-Hassoun was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1972 and currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department, Damascus University (1995) and holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts (1996).
Ibrahim has held over 10 solo exhibitions between the years 1997 and 2018 in several galleries in Istanbul (2018-2017), Ankara (2016-2015), Damascus (2011), Spain (2010) and Aleppo (2008-1997). Alongside his solo exhibitions, Ibrahim also participated in numerous group exhibitions both locally and internationally including ones in Norway (2021-2020), Switzerland (2019), Germany (2017), Istanbul (2016), and İzmir (2016-2014).
He also exhibited some of his artwork at Marmara Museum with Dar Al-Kalemat in Istanbul (2014) and collectibles of his (3 in total) can be found at Museum of Modern Art in Damascus. In 2003, Ibrahim was given an appreciation award for his art in Damascus (2003) followed by the First Prize Award from Teachers Syndicate in Syria (2006) and two Global Burda Awards in Abu Dhabi (2016-2017).
When it comes to painting and art, Ibrahim recreates the shapes of objects that surround him and visually represents them in new, unique forms. His art pieces are not built on the idea of beauty, but rather the way they are created along with the process which he undertakes to finalize and create them. He uses several different mediums including coal, pastels, and different types of paste.