Ibrahim Jawabreh

Palestine, 1985

Ibrahim is a Palestinian contemporary visual artist who was born in the refugee camp of Arroub, Palestine (1985). He graduated from Al Quds University with a BA in Fine Arts. As a painter and a performance artist; Jawabreh started to express his concepts using different art forms, from paintings to graphic design, from video art to photography, from poems and novels to articles.
Jawabreh is an artist whose work often engages public spaces. As a painter, Ibrahim Jawabreh has taken part in several exhibitions both inside and outside Palestine. He also exhibited his artworks in Cairo, Damascus, Dubai, Tokyo, Boston Helsinki, London, Paris, Amman, Beirut, Sharjeh, Norway, Berlin, Jerusalem and many other countries.
Jawabreh has participated in several artist residencies and workshops such as Biella art residency, Italy; body and earth art residency, Nepal; art museum residency, Vienna; bag art camp, Norway; the museum of children, Barcelona among others. Ibrahim’s work can be found in various international collections and at museums including Laxcia Art Museum, Bercalona; Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjeh; Nepal National Gallery, Nepal; Macaba Art Museum, Barcelona; Dar Alnimir, Beirut; Dalloul Art Collection, Beirut; Barcelona Municipality; Sadeqa Art Gallery, Tunis; Mahat ArtG, London; Cairo Amman Bank as well as other renowned private collections across the world.