Islam Zaher

Egypt, 1972

Islam Zaher  was born in March 1972 and is a contemporary Egyptian artist. Zaher was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. From an early age, Zaher showed a high interest in art and paintings, graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, Cairo in 1994. Between the years 1995 and 1998, Zaher participated in several editions of the Youth Saloon, receiving several prizes, including the second prize of drawing in 1995 and two prizes in 1998, the Prize of the Jury and the International Critics Association (ICA) Prize.
The artist participated in many local and international group shows, including 18 Artists from the Nineties Generation Show at the Jazirah Center of Arts (1999), the Egyptian Culture Week in Sharjah (2000) and Eye on the West (2007). Zaher also held four solo exhibitions including Out of Vacuum at Karim Francis Espace (2005), Intuited Happiness at Karim Francis Espace (2010), Pink and Lamentation at Misr Gallery (2015), Remnants of Enchantment at Gypsum Gallery (2017), “Octagon”, a group exhibition at Gallery Misr (2018), Beirut Art Fair (2018), “Myths and Magic”, another group exhibition at Founoun Art Gallery in Beirut, Lebanon (2018), and most recently, “Passive Constructions” at Misr Gallery (2020).