Jodar Artistry

Since its inception in 2018, Jodar Artistry has been a home for creative minds, artists and aestheticians from all walks of life. The idea of Jodar embarked out of necessity; it came to life as a reflection of the founder’s belief that Arab artists possess a powerful tool that can dismantle social boundaries.
It is at the core of the entwined missions of Jodar to bridge the gap between artists; local, regional, prominent and emerging, and to foster Arab artists and international audience in one cultural hub. The Gallery aims at making the art-buying process as simple, affordable and enjoyable as possible. Ambitiously, Jodar looks toward playing a pivotal role in drawing international attention towards Arab Art.
Supporting emerging artists and nurturing new talents has been at the heart of Jodar Artistry’s mission since the very beginning. Recognizing and strongly believing in the importance of supporting young creatives bursting with new ideas in getting a well-deserved debut in the art scene. Embracing the work of tens of rising-to-stardom artists, Jodar pledged themselves to empowering emerging artists at the start of their careers, brimming with dynamism, innovation and enthusiasm.
Jodar provides a contemporary voice for arts in Amman through diverse artist-curated exhibitions. It empowers local and regional artists, showcases their work either in group or solo exhibitions, hosts talks, pop-ups, workshops, multileveled art classes and community events. Additionally, Jodar actively participates in international fairs and exhibitions and collaborates with public museums, public and private entities, foundations as well as embassies.