Khaled Abdel Wahab

Egypt, 1980

Khaled was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1980 and currently resides in Cairo. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, theatre department in 2002. As an artist, Khaled has participated in several exhibitions including his latest, a virtual exhibition titled “Atmosphere and Summer” which was held at Azad Art Gallery in 2021 (Cairo). His preferred medium is acrylic and his inspiration is driven from old philosophies. 
After graduating from university, Khaled was able to overcome several obstacles that he has encountered during a certain period of his life. These obstacles ultimately drove him into a path of absolute faith and enlightenment through a personal, spiritual journey. His journey, which was full of hardships, shaped him into an artist who can see beauty in challenges, and consequently, inspired him to portray the beauty of his struggles in his art.