Khaled Alnajjad Paez

Syria, 1992

Born in Havana, Cuba in 1992 from a Syrian father and a Cuban mother, Khaled moved to Syria with his family at the age of seven and is currently based in Dubai, UAE. Khaled started painting from a very early age, won several national children art competitions, and was selected by the Syrian Government to represent Syria in Cairo International Art Competition in 2004. His passion with fashion and jewelry left an evident mark on his art and paintings. The fundamental component of the composition of his embodiments is what modernizes his work to keep it in tune with modern daytime and trends. His painting is a personification that lives with unearthly world that defies the rules of the real world; a tiny space free of any intricacies.
Khaled’s first solo exhibition was at the age of eleven in Swaida, Syria (2003). He held other solo exhibitions including an exhibition at Vancouver’s Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada (2009), an exhibition in Swaida, Syria (2010), another titled “Masks” at Ettiha Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi, UAE (2015) and most recently, an exhibition at George Kamel Gallery in Damascus, Syria (2018).