Mahmoud Al-Dowehy

Egypt, 1978

Mahmoud was born in Aswan in 1978. He graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration in 1998 and was taught art under the supervision of artist Adam Hanin. Mahmoud creates art using granite and bronze. He is often inspired by simple life activities and nature.
Throughout his years as an artist, Mahmoud has participated in numerous group exhibitions between the years 2004 and 2020. Some of his group exhibitions include ones that were held at the Palace of Arts (2004), Center of Arts (2004-2005), Ebdaa Art Gallery (2005), Ahmed Shawqi Hall (2008), Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center (2008), Smart Art (2017-2020) among many more. He also participated in Aswan International Sculpture Symposium (2006-2007) and Saloon El-Shabab (2007-2008).
Alongside Mahmoud’s broad list of group exhibitions, he has also held several solo exhibitions at Arttouch Boutique (2012-2014) and Samah Art Gallery (2018). Collectibles of his can be found at the Museum of Modern Art, Cairo Opera House and in the private collections of individuals both inside and outside Egypt.
In 2005, Mahmoud was given the First Prize in Sculpture followed by the First Prize from Saloon El-Shabab in 2007 and another in 2008.