Mahmoud Atyat

Jordan, 1995

Mahmoud is a Jordanian artist who was born and raised in Amman in 1995. He received his bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from the School of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan. Mahmoud comes from an artistic family, and all his family members have been involved in both art and music. His talent was revealed when he first starting drawing portraits; he is known for paying attention to details while meticulously painting people’s faces and features.
He is well-known for his fascination with variety and discovery; through his use of new materials, Mahmoud began to learn about new tools as he entered the field of sculpture. His latest project, “A child aged 70”, was a sculpture of a sleeping old man with an innocent, childish face, which in a way signifies the journey back to infancy that occurs with age. In this project, Mahmoud used a new medium to create silicon sculptures, and using silicon as a medium is his signature.
Mahmoud is not committed to a specific medium, as each has its personality and results in a different style. Despite favoring silicon as a medium, he is constantly working on discovering new mediums, and has used different mediums including metal, fiberglass, epoxy, wood, and plants. He also has drawn graffiti in Jordan’s streets and on many institutions’ walls, enhancing and adding to the street art in Jordan. Mahmoud’s artworks are largely based on his personal experiences and stories, as well as ideas from his own imagination.