Mattar Odeh

Jordan, 1993

Mattar is a Jordanian artist who was born in 1993. He has been passionate about art and painting since his childhood and always managed to find wonder and inspiration in art. His mother was the one to first expose him to art which then developed into love.
Mattar expresses his feelings and thoughts through his art; when he feels overwhelmed by his emotions, he creates art pieces, each representing an emotion embodied by his creativity. Most of his works are represented in bold colors, ones that reflect daily situations as well as personal conflicts that surround him, which he later purifies through a sequence of paintings.
He paints abstract portraits as an alternative pathway to express his feelings. Matter also examines paradoxical topics in human nature through abstractions such as the human desire to complicate circumstances in their life. In most of his artworks, Mattar combines themes of love, hate, sorrow, and melancholy along with the intricacies of human conduct. He paints his feelings into a canvas, creating an abstract world that combines between reality and realism. His viewers’ eyes can feel and experience the classic combination of colours in his abstract paintings that are full of hues of bright colours.