Mohamad Khayata

Syria, 1985

Mohamad Khayata is a Syrian artist who was born in Damascus in 1985 and holds a degree in Fine Arts from Damascus University. Khayata’s works deal with and portray the concepts of migration, memory as well as identity as a result of many years of displacement.
As an artist, Khayata addresses the issues Syrians living in Lebanon deal with through his art by examining their relationship with political and societal environments, focusing on their jobs as workers and farmers which are the only professions they are allowed to practice as well as by highlighting the social life of women. Many of his artworks and pieces include the ongoing metaphorical – and literal – theme of patchwork quilt which reflects his desire to stitch Syria back together. 
Evolving from photography to encompassing mixed media, painting, sculpture and music, Khayata often combines more than one medium with his photographic work to produce a multi-layered exploration of identity and nation. Mohamad Khayata’s works were previously exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions across Europe, the Middle East and USA. Some of his exhibitions include ones at 392rmeil393 Art Center in Beirut; Journeys Festival International, Leicester; VC & Oxfam in London; the British Council in London and Brussels as well as Beirut Art Fair and Artplex Gallery in Los Angeles.