Mohamad Nasrallah

Palestine, 1963

Mohammad Nasrallah was born in 1963 in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. His interest in art began as a child, when he was influenced by his daily surroundings and the human conditions around him, most notably the Palestinian cause. He went on to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amman and holds a diploma in Fine Arts from the Spanish Cultural Center in Amman. Since 1989, Mohammad held 12 solo exhibitions and has participated in various group shows at galleries and biennales both in the Middle East and abroad.  
Nasrallah deviated from the artistic worlds that he was taught and created his own style, freeing his work from the conventions of academia and rather striving to base his artistic expressions on his emotions and his instincts which were derived from a humanitarian perspective. He was one of the first Jordanian artists to adopt an expressionistic style, at times venturing abstraction and symbolism. He stresses the strengths of the colors he works with, which can be clearly seen in his extremely sharp and simplistic painting technique. He favors a mix of heavily textured images and forms that are juxtaposed with large applications of pigments unpolluted by brushstrokes or bleeding lines. Forms and shapes fit seamlessly into one another in his pieces.