Mohamed AbdelMoneim

Egypt, 1965

Mohamed was born in 1965 in Sohag. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University (Painting  Department) in 1988 and started teaching at the same department in 1989. Mohamed completed a master’s degree in 1995, studied at Complutense University of Madrid (1999-2001) and earned a PhD in Philosophy in 2002. He is also a member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists.
As an artist, Mohamed has held and participated in 99 both solo and group exhibitions inside and outside Egypt. Some of the exhibitions were held at Minya Culture Palace (1984-1986), Artists of Sohag Competition (1988), Fine Arts Lovers Association (1988-1991), Youth Salon (1988-1999), Assiut Culture Palace (1991), Syndicate of Fine Artists (1993), Faculty of Fine Arts, Minya University (2013-2014), Greek Campus (2015), South Valley University (2016), and most recently, an exhibition at the German University in Egypt (2019). Mohamed also exhibited internationally in Libya (1993), Germany (1993-1994), Tunis (1994), Spain (2000-2001) and Sarajevo (2005). Egypt Int’l Art Fair (2021)
Throughout his years as an artist, Mohamed was given 16 local and international awards. Collectibles of his can be found in Egypt at the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, InterContinental Cairo Semiramis Hotel, Talaat Harb Library, Elias Modern Publishing House, Ministry of Culture, Sohag Culture Palace as well as Faculty of Fine Arts, Luxor University. Private collectibles can also be found in Egypt, Spain, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia and Mexico among other countries across the world.