Mohamed Banawy

Egypt, 1977

Mohamed Banawy, a Visual Artist and Lecturer, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University in 2000 and holds an M.A in The Relation Between Pharaonic and African American Mural Painting (2009) as well as a PhD in Philosophy of Art (2015). Banaway currently teaches at the Painting Department, Mural Section, Faculty of Fine Arts – Helwan University and has been a teaching lecturer since 2000.
Banawy has participated in many local exhibitions including Egypt International Art Fair (2020), Reimagined Narratives at Al Mu’izz Street, an exhibition Organized by Art D’Égypte (2019), Cairo Art Fair III at Arts-Mart Gallery (2018), The 3rd Borollos Symposium for Drawing on Walls and Boats (2016), among others at Institut Français d’Égypte, Magdoub Design Studio, and Gezira Art Centre. His works were also exhibited at international art events and exhibitions along the year. Some of them are MNWR 4th Edition Exhibition in collaboration with Al-Madinah Art Center in Saudi Arabia (2019), “Primo simposio internazionale del Mosaico” at the Egyptian Academy of  Fine Arts in Rome, Italy (2015), 10th International Ceramics Biennale in Spain (2011) as well as others in Italy, Paris, London and New York.
In 2018, one of Banawy’s works was featured as a model of contemporary mosaic art in Artemondo, an Italian textbook published by Emanuela Pulvirenti (paper and digital). Banawy was given several awards along the years; the Egyptian State Incentive Award in Arts (2018), the Ravenna Mosaico Internationa GAeM Award (2015) and many others.