Moustafa Sleem

Egypt, 1981

Mostafa Sleem is an Egyptian Visual Artist and Painter who was born in El Minia in 1981. Figures are the main point of Mostafa’s visual discussions, and his most used mediums are Acrylics and Oil Paint. He has published 30 books that teach children the art of drawing and simplify the concepts of both art and painting between the years 2006 and 2008. Mostafa also illustrated over 100 children’s books and designed book covers for famous writers such as Sonallah Ibrahim and Ibrahim Abdel Qadir El Mazini.
He has participated in various local and international exhibitions. Some of his local exhibitions are General Exhibitions at the Palace of Arts (2003, 2012), “Saturated Souls” Exhibitions at Darb 1718 (2010), “Face of Women” Exhibition at Alliance Française de Port-Saïd among many others. He also participated in Egypt International Art Fair and Youth Salon (2003-2005, 2011). His international exhibitions include ones at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Pennsylvania (2012), NordArt in Germany (2014) as well as other exhibitions in Kenya and Nairobi.
He has held several local solo exhibitions including “Bent Embareh” (2013), “Protein” (2014), and most recently, “Gymno” (2017) in Art Corner Gallery. Some of Mostafa’s collectibles can be found at the Museum of Modern Art, Cairo Opera House as well as Picasso Art Gallery.