Mustafa Ilktefan

Syria, 1989

Mustafa is a Syrian artist who was born in 1989 and was raised in Abu Dhabi. He graduated from Damascus University, Drawing and Painting Department with a degree in Fine Arts in 2011 and is recognized for his bold use of colours and his satirical portrayal of characters. Since he was a child, Mustafa has painted and his talent grew and developed along the way with him.
Mustafa works with charcoal, oil, and acrylic. Figures in his paintings frequently appear as if they are being watched or being held captive. Part of his artwork imitates stories that are based on indirect messages to give the audience space to think and engage with the paintings. There’s also a sense of humour and an abstracted feeling of empathy and sensitivity in his artworks. He is fascinated with European Middle Ages history and the current manifestations of orientalism.
His journeys between the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Jordan, and Germany provided him with diverse experiences that supported the development of his talent, skills, as well as creativity. Mustafa has participated in several exhibitions both in the Middle East and Europe. He currently lives in Germany where he is constantly pursuing a professional artistic career and studying for a Master’s degree in Fine Arts.