Naguib Moien

Egypt, 1981

Naguib was born in Egypt in 1981 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria with a bachelor’s degree in Monumental Sculpture in 2003. Naguib has been teaching sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria since 2004. He holds a master’s degree in Monumental Sculpture (2009) and a PhD in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy (2014).
Naguib believes that the value of a sculpture lies in the fact that it communicates with a viewer in a visual way: artworks generate emotions, be them positive or negative, and can provide visual pleasure. He is also deeply interested in history and mythology and both are sources of inspiration when it comes to his works. One more thing that inspires Naguib’s works is the Egyptian Culture, which he describes as complex and simple at the same time.
He has participated in over 15 international and national Symposiums along the years  including: Sculpture Symposium Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum (2004), International Granite Sculpture Symposium (2007), International Sculpture Symposium in the Netherlands (2010), Aswan (2011), Austria (2011), Spain (2011), Italy (2012-2013), Germany (2014-2015), Norway (2017) and Saudi Arabia (2019). Naguib has participated in 24 local group exhibitions and over 50 international ones in Italy, Austria, Lebanon, Malawi, Germany and Spain. He also held 10 solo exhibitions both inside and outside Egypt. Naguib was given the Jury Prize XIX Youth Salon (2008), Prize of biennale Port Said (2009) as well as the Egyptian State Awards for Sculpture (2018).