Naji Farid

Egypt, 1964

Naji Faird was born in Egypt in 1964. He has held and participated in numerous symposiums and exhibitions. Some of the local exhibitions which he participated in are the National Exhibition (1991-2003), Cairo International Biennials for Ceramics (1994-2006) and the Annual Youth Artist’s Salon (1989-1996). His works were also exhibited internationally at the Winter Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia (2001).
In addition to participating in local and international exhibitions, Naji has participated in over 15 Symposiums including ones in Egypt (1998, 2002 and 2006); Lalakia Sculpture in Syria (2002), Cordoba Sculpture in Spain (2004), Nikya International Sculpture Symposium in Greece (2006) among others in Lebanon, Italy, Russia, Germany, Norway and the UAE.
Naji was given the Sculpture Prize for one of his exhibitions in Egypt (1998) six prizes at the Annual Youth Salon (1989-1996), Mokhtar’s Prize for Sculpture (1991) and was also recognized internationally by winning the First Prize at Ecuador Biennial (2011).
Works of Naji can be found at The Museum of Modern Art (Cairo), Open Air Museum (Aswan), Cairo Opera House, Mesaha Square (Giza) as well as Cairo Airport. Other works of his are allocated in private collections both in Egypt and abroad.