Nora El Saady


Nora El-Saady didn’t study art, but with her passion for art combined with her determination to practice and learn from profound artists she was able to become the professional artist she is now. Throughout the past decade, Nora has held several solo exhibitions in leading Art Galleries such as Picasso East and many more. Her latest exhibition was held earlier in 2021 at Motion Art Gallery in Zamalek.
Nora believes that abstract art allows a great deal of imagination that gives artists the space they need to feel a solitary sense of joy. She also believes that there is no greater joy than entering one’s own world in a journey of self-discovery with nothing but a brush and paint. Her eccentric integration of female figures in some of her art pieces is not considered very common in the art spectrum, but women embody the world in her own perspective, and that’s how she signifies beauty. To her, art is beauty in all its shapes and forms and should always send messages of peace, positivity and hope to the audience experiencing it.