Omar Najjar

Palestine, 1992

Omar was born in 1992 in Nablus, Palestine and is currently based in Amman, Jordan. He graduated from The University of Jordan, Fine Arts Department in 2014. Omar specialized in oil painting since graduating and has been developing his artworks which varied and flourished through different stages along the years for him to reach something all viewers can relate to; both in terms of subjects and the technique that appear to the viewer’s eye.
He is known for his innovative style which he describes as “structured chaos.” His paintings are viewed as a modern take on impressionism; their quotidian subject matter is elevated to the sublime, providing a profound, if understated, view of the human experience. Expertly manipulating oil, pastels and charcoal, Omar’s instantly recognizable work is characterized by broad brush strokes that give a suggestion to the story without fully giving away the details.
Omar participated in several solo and group exhibition both locally and abroad varying between privet galleries, national museums, and art fairs in Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Germany, and the USA. Some of his group and solo exhibitions include ones that were held at Manara Art & Culture (Amman, 2020-2019); BBA Gallery (Berlin, 2019), Zara Gallery (Amman, 2018), Wadi Finan (Amman, 2016); Al Bareh Gallery (Bahrain, 2016); Fann A Porter (Dubai, 2015) as well as Nabad Art Gallery (Amman, 2014). Several of Omar’s works are housed in various private and public institutions including the Palestine Museum in the USA.