Ousama Farid

Egypt, 1955

Osama is an Egyptian Contemporary Artist who was born in 1955 in Giza. He was raised in a family that appreciates Art in every form. Osama started painting at a very young age but didn’t pursue his professional art career until he was twenty-four. Due to the nature of his work, Osama travelled the world carrying his camera and capturing the art and beauty of the different cities he visited. Osama paints in more than one style that varies according to the occasion, the place and the timing.
Despite the great varieties in his styles, Osama’s talent shines in his artworks. He is known for having a special colour palette of his own and choosing the best artistic materials in his work as he always seeks the quality of the colors that can last for more years. Osama is fond of watercolors, especially when it comes to painting architecture and landscape.
He has participated in many exhibitions both inside and outside Egypt. Throughout the years, Osama was given the 1st Place Award from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture in Photography and the 2nd Best Painting Prize in an exhibition in France.He attended many workshops in Europe to enhance his art skills and to further explore the various topics of art and art history. Osama has been a teacher of art since 2014 and currently teaches art for beginners in his own studio.