Raida Shahin


Raida is a Palestinian-Jordanian artist, gallerist and aesthete. She deliberately originates spontaneous yet, somehow, contrived colors in abstract compositions, reflecting her feelings and sensations.
Living in two culturally rich countries—Jordan and Nigeria— have tremendously enriched Shahin’s experience. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Archaeology from the University of Jordan, she returned to Nigeria to continue her path as an educator. Little did she know that Nigeria’s spontaneous beauty will later shape her appreciation for arts.
Shahin often finds herself in a continuous dialogue to transcend borders through art, portraying the images of Palestinian people and places subconsciously. Thus, Shahin elucidates her art as axiomatic, building on the context of these vague figures and patterns and giving them a new perspective that can be interpreted openly by the viewer.
She appreciates art in all its forms. The divinities that constantly surround us, both in nature and in human construction, are all forms of art.