Rula Abu Saleh

Syria, 1982

Rula was born in Damascus in 1982 and graduated from Adham Ismail Institute for Visual Art in 2007. She worked as an art teacher at the Arab Culture Center and spent time designing jewelry between the years 2002 and 2007. She also worked as a graphic designer in the animation field at various child’s centers.
Rula is a surreal, realistic and a unique artist and is far from being tradition; in her paintings one can recognize how the steps of searching for the varying visual and technical atmospheres appear to reach an expanse of contradictions. Since its beginning, Rula was unified with nature, silent shapes, flowers and faces – portraiture, and formed the first childish symbol to see things as a whole, mysterious and hidden obsessions in portraying the magic of imaginary visions, swings, bicycles as well as other childish symbols.
Rula has participated in various joint exhibitions including joint exhibition at Adham Ismail Institute (2007), joint exhibition at Opera House (Fairouz Portraits) (2008) and another joint exhibition at Arab Culture Center (2008). Her latest solo exhibition was at George Kamel Gallery in 2017. Rula has also participated in workshops at George Kamel Gallery with pioneer Syrian artists between the years 2013 and 2015.