Safaa Al-Set

Syria, 1974

Born in 1974, Safaa Al-Set studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University and graduated in 1997. While briefly experimenting with multi-media graphic design, Safaa chose to pursue a divergent artistic route. The artist shifted platforms, working with metal and using both steel and copper as means to create a body of works, which stands out through its rough texture and design. She sparks metal with life and transforms its firm and rigid quality into an element that is animate and flowing. In her studio, Al-Set plays with fire, heating and melding scrap pieces of iron and copper to form giant sculptures.
Safaa has held various solo exhibitions including ones at Art 17 in London (2017), Markheya Gallery in Qatar (2015), Art on 56th in Beirut (2015), Albareh Art Gallery in Bahrain (2011), Art House in Damascus (2009), among many others in Syria, Jordan and Kuwait. Her latest solo exhibition was titled “Death Dwells Near me” and was held at Tajalliyat Gallery in Damascus (2019). Alongside her list of solo exhibitions, Safaa has participated in many group exhibitions including ones at Al Markhiya Gallery in Doha (2015), Art 15 London and Art on 56th in London (2015), Collective 2015 in Beirut (2015), Wadi Finan for Arts in Amman (2014) as well as others in Basel and Geneva, Switzerland, Kuwait and Syria along the years. She also participated in Beirut Art Fair (2014-2015).