Salah-Eddin Al-Qawasmi

Jordan, 1996

SalahEddin AlQawasmi is a Jordanian artist who was born in 1996 and graduated from The University of Jordan in 2020, Visual Arts.
In conjuring his oil visions on canvas, AlQawasmi follows the surrealist technique of automatic drawing in which conscious takes controls over the hand, allowing unconsciousness to leaking through and take over.
While this introduces elements of chance, randomness, and even chaos into his artwork, the artist follows through by including these psychic marks into fuller scenes. More identifiable details begin to appear, but they still maintain an ambiguous character. Various biomorphic forms which loosely evoke nature are paired with suggestions of interior spaces to give the pieces the quality of a misremembered dream. 
Working with oil on canvas, SalahEddin pulls at the threads of unconsciousness to picture dreamlike and almost mythic spaces. Ambiguous biomorphic forms, elements of nature, and sometimes sections of walls or furniture come together in vibrant, open-ended narratives which are left to his viewers to discern.