Sameer Al Safadi

Syria, 1982

Samer was born in Majdal Shams-Jolan in 1982 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in 2007.  He holds a position at the Syrian Fine Art Union, and currently teaches art at the Faculty of Fine Art, Damascus University. He is distinguished by his expressive style, which deals with humanitarian issues that convey the image of our current reality.
Al Safadi’s work has been widely exhibited across Syria since 2002, notably at the Goethe Institute in Damascus. He has participated in 30 group exhibitions both locally and internationally in Qatar, Italy, and Yemen. Some of his exhibitions includes ones that were held at Gallery Dar Kaleemat (Aleppo, 2010), Ayyam Gallery (Dubai, 2015), George Gallery Kamel (Damascus, 2017), and Gallery Maktab (Damascus, 2021), He most recently participated in a workshop that was hosted at George Kamel Gallery in 2021.