Saver Jalal

Iraq, 1987

An Iraqi artist was born in 1987 and raised in Baghdad. Jalal is an artist, sculptor, and painter. He works in interior design in his own company, and he lives in Amman, Jordan. He holds a Diploma from the Department of Interior Design from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad.
Jalal has a passion for art at an early age. After working for four years as an assistant to the Iraqi artist Rafa Nasiri in his studio and graphic workshop in Amman, he has discovered his talent in art. This experience has raised a significant impact on his entry into the world of art from its most expansive doors. Nasiri has always urged him to implement his artworks.
During this time, he learned the craft of graphic printing from one of the Arab world’s most renowned engraving and printing artists. At the same time, he discovered his sculpting talent after working on sculptural works and murals in his workshop in Amman for the Iraqi painter and sculptor Dia Al-Azzawi. Jalal defines art as a person’s creative expression of something unique and one-of-a-kind. It depicts the artist’s inner feelings as he expresses himself through sculpting, drawing, and design. His everyday presence in his carving, painting, and design workshops, cutting scrap iron, scraps of used wood, and drawing and designing decorative maps inspires him to create art pieces.
Jalal’s art style depends on the dynamics of movement in static art. Most of his artworks are liner and geometric due to his work in designing and implementing engineering maps and interior decoration. His artistic work reflects his unique approach to working with various materials to create unique and uncommon pieces that incorporate intellectual and aesthetic elements into creative compositions while attracting the audience.
Some of his works are based on true stories, while others result from his imagination.