Sayed Saad El-Dien

Egypt, 1944

Sayed was born in Qena, Egypt in 1944. He graduated from The Art Academy Leonardo da Vinci in Florence (1967) where he worked as a lecturer. Sayed is a member of the Syndicate of Fine Arts in Egypt and has been a participant of the Fine Arts movement ever since 1967.
He has held over 20 solo exhibitions throughout his career as an artist including his debut exhibition which was held at the Egyptian Center for International Cultural Cooperation (1974). He also exhibited his work at Cairo Atelier (1994), Khan AlMaghraby Hall (1996), Al-Hanager Centre (1999), Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum (2014), TAM Gallery (2020) and Picasso East Gallery (2020).
Sayed also participated in over 50 group exhibitions between the years 1967 and 2019.
Some of his local group exhibitions were hosted at Picasso East Gallery (2019), Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center (2019), Ahmed Shawqi Museum (2019), Cairo Atelier (2019), Cairo Opera House (2018), Ostraka Gallery (2016), Safar Khan Gallery (2014) and Syndicate of Fine Artists (2009).
Alongside his prominent contribution in local group exhibitions, Sayed also took part in several local and international Biennales including ones in Baghdad, Kuwait, Spain, Morocco, Alexandria, and Cairo. Throughout the years, Sayed was given awards from both local and international art institutions including Milano International Art Fair (1967) and Alexandria Biennale (1982).
Official collectibles of his can be found at the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art‎, Cairo Opera House, Ministry of Culture, Commercial International Bank, National Bank of Egypt and the Italian Consulate in Spain.