Sondos Abu El-Adas

Jordan, 1997

Sondos is a Jordanian artist who was born in 1997 and graduated from The University of Jordan in 2020. In her artistic career, Sondos uses watercolours as well as oils. She has been drawing portraits since she was a child and often feels connected to everything that contains human figures.
Through her artworks, Sondos tries to express different emotions and hidden anger representing it with faces bearing sad feelings in a sarcastic theme. Sarcasm is a technique that developed with the artist along many years of practicing, helping her express herself through her artworks. To her, sarcasm makes paintings more appealing to the public and relieves both melancholy and sorrow.
After gaining the needed knowledge and experience about how to use different mediums and colors, she needed to portray more of what she had discovered from her research and sketches, turning it all into paintings. Sondos creates her own rules of drawing and does not rely on a specific anatomical human form. Instead, she paints disturbing, illogical images and devises ways to let the unconscious mind express itself. She emphasizes the eyes in her art pieces and considers them to be the mirror of both emotions and feelings.